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Instant Profiting

Profits are instantly and automatically credited into your account daily, using the current bitcoin market value.

Fast Withdrawal

Safe and trusted investment, offering fastest payouts and Instant Withdrawals. All withdrawals are instantly processed.

Safe and Secure

Bank-grade security & next generation account protection. Encrypted SSL, & DDOS protection.

Boost Your Finance With Our New Generation Investment Solutions

Coinlite Stock was founded by a team of highly skilled financiers and traders, aimed at improvement investment programs in the areas of new technologies. The creation of a platform has provided the opportunities for combining the knowledge and efforts of investors, start-ups and analysts to realize the complex capital intensive projects.

A rapidly growing decentralization of financial flows demands an instant reaction to innovations. Trading on crypto currency market is the smallest part of the system.

Why Choose Coinlite Stock

Coinlite Stock is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their investment experiences, to providing an innovative platform, and to making a difference in their finances.


Our Investment Platform offers the flexibility for investors to liquidate their asset holdings on any investment.

Cash Management

Our cash management program offers a unique investment opportunity for investors looking for long-term proven, high yield returns.

Profit Guaranteed

We provide an easy-to-use platform that gives you the opportunity to earn on profit accruals. This is for experienced and novice investors.

Investment Packages

You can now worry less about the risk of losing your investment. Coinlite Stock provides attractive investment packages designed to allow meet your your financial goals, without being restricted by the requirements and abiltity to trade or mine bitcoin yourself.

$ 500
Min Deposit: $500
Max Deposit: $1,000
Daily ROI: 5%
Investment Security: 100%
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$ 2,000
Min Deposit: $2,000
Max Deposit: $5,000
Daily ROI: 10%
Investment Security: 100%
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$ 10,000
Min Deposit: $10,000
Max Deposit: $15,000
Daily ROI: 15%
Investment Security: 100%
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